Introducing swift Screen™.

A faster way to conduct screenings,
a better way to collect data.

Everything you need to simplify your school health screening program, all in one place.

Secure Screener Login

Create password protected accounts for screeners and track individual productivity.

Automated Data Collection

Manage data all in one place and eliminate the need to upload information from multiple sources.

School Leader Dashboard

View school reports and send results to parents directly though the dashboard.

At Ft. Worth ISD, we became a new user of swift Screen in the fall of 2021. We deployed the application and the initial training and support in 3 weeks.

During the fall semester, we successfully vision screened over 30,000 elementary students in 70+ schools with the support of 100 volunteer screeners. This was accomplished in a period of about seven weeks.

After our initial training and learning curve, the implementation went very smoothly. We tracked screenings progress at each school, created our summary management reports, and mass updated our Student Information System with the screening results.

Swift Screen has been a key element for our vision program. It helped achieve a milestone for our goal, to set up measurable data points for program evaluation. In addition, we have suggested several enhancements that will be incorporated into the next release.

We look forward to using swift Screen even more comprehensively during the 2022-2023 school year.

Presciliana Olayo

Coordinator of Vision Care Services, Ft. Worth Independent School District

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