Meet swift Screen™

swift Screen was developed in 2018 to address the inefficiencies in school health screening programs. It combines an intuitive mobile app and online dashboard to eliminate redundant procedures in the screening process. Screening results from the app are automatically uploaded to the cloud and visible on the administrator dashboard. Administrators can track district wide screening progress/results and use the information to file state reports, notify parents of screening results, and seamlessly add the screening results to student records in their Student Information System (SIS). swift Screen dramatically reduces both labor and errors compared to manual processes.

swift Screen is currently in use in approximately 12 school systems in Texas, screening students (primarily elementary schools) on over 100 campuses. This fall, over 35,000 students have been screened utilizing the swift Screen application.

This past summer, a new software release was completed, adding many features that allows swift Screen to serve clients across the US and accommodates functions needed for larger school districts. In addition, we now provide user on-line videos to allow training at their convenience as well as realtime Zoom training sessions.

Currently, swift Screen™ is available for annual licensing. Contact us to learn more. 

swift Screen changes the emphasis from just screening children to ensuring students receive treatment. With swift Screen, school nurses have time to connect families with affordable follow up care.

  • Six Tests: Visual Acuity, Hearing, Photoscreening with the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener, Scoliosis Screening, Acanthosis, and BMI
  • Easy to download data and use immediately
  • Saves time by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Automates parental notification
  • Seamless integration with Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener
  • Syncs results to Student Information System
  • Prepares data for DSHS reporting