Meet swift Screen™

Two years into half Helen’s (hH) program, the CNN Heroes Program recognized Chelsea Elliott for her pioneering work in children’s vision care. As screening requests increased, hH struggled to keep up with the age old method of a #2 pencil and class roster to record results. To keep up with demand, Chelsea enlisted the help of hH board member, Cindy Walter, to develop an app. Using an open-source platform, they mapped out a program that automated the data collection process. Ideas of how the app could be expanded grew more every day.   

After seeing the original app in action, St. David’s Foundation awarded hH a $100,000 grant that allowed them to hire Jackrabbit Mobile to create an app that would automate data collection for vision and hearing screening results and send an electronic notification to parents. A case study of the app at KIPP: Austin reduced the screening and processing time by half. The name of the product, swift Screen™, truly reflects its purpose. 

In May 2018, hH pitched swift Screen™ at Philanthropitch and won a record $64,100 to develop the app into proprietary software, enabling school nurses across America to benefit from the time saving resources offered by the app. 

Currently, swift Screen™ is available for annual licensing. Contact us to learn more. 

swift Screen™ changes the emphasis from just screening children to ensuring students receive treatment. With swift Screen™, school nurses have time to connect families with affordable follow up care.

  • Six Tests: Visual Acuity, Hearing, Photoscreening with the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener, Scoliosis Screening, Acanthosis, and BMI
  • Easy to download data and use immediately
  • Saves time by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Automates parental notification
  • Seamless integration with Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener
  • Syncs results to Student Information System
  • Prepares data for DSHS reporting