Frequently Asked Questions

The annual license fee is determined by the number of students that are screened each year under the license.

To simplify, there are four ranges and the fee is the same for any number of students annually in that range.

No. You do not need a license for each school as long as they are within the same operating entity, like a school district or multiple campuses of a charter school. The student count is aggregated in that case to determine the license fee.

The assigned administrator for the license determines how many authorized users can be set up. There is no artificial limit.

swift Screen staff will notify the administrator that the license has increased to the next fee level and an incremental invoice will be sent for the next level of license.

Screeners are set up in advance with username, password and permissions by the administrator. The screener then downloads the swift Screen app for their appropriate smart device and logs in with their username and password.

Permissions are established by the administrator when the user account is established.

No. The user profile may only be changed by the administrator.

Yes, provided the parent/guardian email is uploaded in the census.

swift Screen provides reports with customized variables to properly extract data by classroom for reporting. It is the administrator’s responsibility to format the data for state filing.

Once the license is approved and signed, swift Screen will send an invoice to the responsible party. The invoice may be paid online or by check. 

Immediately up receipt of payment, the license master account is established with the School Administrator’s username and password. swift Screen is immediately available for implementation at that point.

Once the license is signed, the main administrator is provided a one hour training session to learn how to navigate the system. This is supplemented by a series of short videos that can be found on the website (Coming Soon) covering all aspects of the operation of the system.

Student data may be enter manually by the administrator or a census by classroom can be uploaded from an Excel CSV file.

Student data is removed from the system at the end of the school year. Schools should run reports to create and achieve records needed for their students.

It is not a requirement, but if another photo screening device is used, the screening data will need to be manually entered for each student by the screener using the smart device app.

You may download (Coming Soon) written instructions for connecting the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener Camera to your smart device for screening. This is supplemented by a series of short videos that can be found on the website (Coming Soon) covering all aspects of the operation of the system.

Yes. The scheduling and release of the information to the parent is managed by the administrator. The content of the notice can be customized to the specific needs of the school.

Feedback from our users to make the system better is encouraged. The online support tool will provide a method of identifying user suggests for improvements that will be used to prioritize enhancements.

swift Screen does not share any user data with anyone. Only the license administrator has the ability to share data outside the system.

The licensee owns the data held in the swift Screen application.

The license automatically renews each year unless cancelled by the licensee in writing 90 days in advance of the anniversary date.


Users with administrative rights can edit and modify data already in swift Screen.

swift Screen only provides parental notification on hearing and vision.

Yes, student specific data is provided to the parent. If an eye exam is needed, that is noted. 

Yes. Users with administrative privileges may edit student records.

No. Because of sensitive student data, only the person designated as the school administrator may change password for users.

No, school administrative information may only be changed by swift Screen to maintain license integrity.

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