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swift Screen™ Features


  • Six Tests: Visual Acuity, Hearing, Photoscreening with the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener, Scoliosis Screening, Acanthosis, and BMI
  • Also tracks exam status and treatment with glasses
  • Easy to upload data and use immediately
  • Saves time by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Web-based training tools
  • Tracks individual student data and summary dashboard by class/school
  • Automates parental notification for screening results and authorization for follow up exam
  • Manages permissions for screeners, supervisors and administrators
  • Syncs results to Student Information System
  • Prepares data for state required reporting

Integrates with Welch Allyn Spot Screener

The Spot Vision Screener is a handheld, portable device designed to help users quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult. Spot screens both eyes at once from a nonthreatening 3-foot distance.